Maere Tekanene

Former Minister of Education (Kiribati)

Kiribati Minister for Education Maere Tekanene talks about her journey into politics and national leadership.

 Ms Maere Tekanene is the former Minister of Education and Member of Parliament for Tarawa Teinainano (2011– March 2016). She was also Vice President of the Interim Kiribati Women in Politics Association from 2010-2011 and Acting Secretary to Parliament Committees for the Kiribati House of Parliament from 2006-2007.  Ms Tekanene was consultant on Gender Equality, Poverty and Education Goals for the first National Report on the Millennium Development Goals in collaboration with UNDP (2007) and on the Status of Women and CEDAW with the Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women (2003). She was also the Coordinator/Researcher and subsequently Team Leader for Dissemination of findings for the Gender-Based Violence and Child Abuse Study based at the Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs from 2007-2011. She has been serving public as a leader in public enterprise, in the education sector and through dedication to the advancement of women for more than thirty years.