Reverend Sereima Lomaloma

Ministry Officer, Anglican Diocese of Polynesia & Chairperson of House of Sarah (Fiji)

Reverend Sereima

Reverend Lomaloma has been active in the Pacific Conference of Churches and was the Secretary of the Diocese of Polynesia.  From 1991-June 2000 she was the Director for Women & Culture, Ministry for Women & Culture & Social Welfare, Government of Fiji.  Since January 2014 her Ministry covers three areas/portfolios – Ministry Officer/Curriculum Development Co-ordinator and Community Engagement.  She is a founding member of the House of Sarah and chairs the House of Sarah Management Committee. Reverend Lomaloma has been a Board Member of the Homes of Hope (Fiji) since July 2015 and was formerly a Trustee of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and member of their Project Co-ordinating Committee.