SPC Stocktakes of Gender Mainstreaming

The need to improve gender mainstreaming capacity in the governments of Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) was identified during the 10th Triennial Meeting of Pacific Women in 2007. Participants at the meeting agreed that while commitments to gender equality were relatively strong, institutional capacity for implementing those commitments and for mainstreaming gender into the work of government was, in many cases, quite weak and needed increased support.

SPC launched a regional program to support government mainstreaming capacity in May 2009. By gauging the existing capacity and resources, and identifying gaps and areas for improvement, SPC aims to help national governments and civil society to develop specific strategies for increasing the capacity of government to mainstream gender across all sectors.

The work was carried out in phases. The first phase took place in 2009-2012 and involved a stocktake of the capacity of six national governments – Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.

The second phase involved a stocktake of Niue, Nauru, Samoa, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Vanuatu and was funded by the Australian Government. This second phase started in early 2013 when representatives from national women’s machineries and national planning/finance offices from these six member countries, met to participate in a workshop which introduced participants to the structure and analysis frameworks of the stocktake process.

Download the SPC Gender Stocktakes:

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